Swedish Bitters 100ml

Swedish Bitters 100ml


Digestive aid.

Swedish Bitters is a traditional herbal mixture, prepared to the original recipe. Bitters are an important class of botanicals that help support efficient digestive, assimilative, and eliminative functions. The primary function of Swedish Bitters is to help with digestive complaints such as bloating, flatulence, sluggish digestion and constipation. It also aids cleansing of the liver and encourages toxin elimination.

Active ingredients:
Wormwood, Senna Leaf, Camphor, Rhubarb Root, Zedorary, Manna, Theriaca Venezian, Angelica Root, Myrrh, Carline Root, Saffron, Medicinal Alcohol (40%), Purified Water. Gluten free formula. Suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Shake bottle well before use. Adults: Take 5-10mls (1-2 teaspoons) per day. Children under 8 years old: Take half measure. Take it in a shot glass before or after meals to stimulate digestion, settle the stomach before eating and neutralise the damages of alcohol. After a heavy meal, it can be helpful against indigestion, as well as to relieve bloating and gas.