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Anti-Uric Salts



May assist by supporting an optimum pH level to help manage conditions such as Gout. An imbalance of pH in the body can interfere with Uric Acid balance. Uric acid is a waste product of purine metabolism. It is dissolved in the blood and is normally excreted through the kidneys into the urine. In people with pH imbalances uric acid levels may increase causing considerable discomfort in the joints of the hands and feet.

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Product Information

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Acid Tartaric, Sodium Potassium Tartrate and Magnesium Sulphate.

Take Anti-Uric Salts at least 2 hours apart from other medicines.

People on medication should consult their Healthcare Professional before using Anti-Uric Salts.

People with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, kidney disease or with recent gastrointestinal bleeding should consult their Healthcare Professional before use.

If symptoms persist, consult a Healthcare Professional.


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