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Olive Leaf Extract (Olea europaea)



Olive leaf’s antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties may help to both prevent and treat colds and flu. Olive leaf extract may help prevent infection, assist recovery and strengthen a weakened immune system.

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Product Information

Early last century, a bitter compound from the olive leaf called oleuropein was isolated and determined to be part of the olive tree’s health giving properties. According to those early scientists, this is the compound that helps protect the tree against insect and bacterial predators. Oleuropein is present throughout the olive tree and is the bitter material that is eliminated from the olives when they are cured. In about 1962, investigators were searching for the chemical agent within oleuropein that might be the most helpful. A Dutch researcher discovered that it was elenolic acid. What’s more, the Europeans found it helps to support the body’s defenses and to promote healing and recovery from winter ills and chills.

Ingredients: Olea europaea tincture


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