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Halls is one of Canterbury’s oldest Herbal Suppliers, established 1887 in central Christchurch. We are proud to be able to offer products made to original formulae developed by EW Hall, and a selection of unique New Zealand dietary supplements.

The latest addition to our range, Skybright’s Liquid Vitamins contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to meet your daily needs in an easy-to-take liquid form. Skybright’s Liquid Vitamins are great tasting, highly absorbable and bio-available, and are a natural source of renewed energy and stamina.
Generally, high quality liquid vitamins are absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream. They are simpler for the body to digest, making the nutrients more bioavailable. This means the body will receive the benefits of the vitamins right away.
Suitable for older people who may have trouble absorbing nutrients and also for younger adults and children too. For those who have trouble swallowing pills liquid vitamins are a great alternative. A measured amount gives exactly the right balance of each vitamin, and liquids can even be added to juice, water or to a smoothie to make a wholesome breakfast or lunch-on-the-run that is packed with good nutrition.