Colloidal Silver FAQ

What is Skybright Ionic Colloidal Silver?

Very fine particles of 99.9% pure ionic silver dispersed in laboratory grade water.

What is Ionic Colloidal Silver used for?

Colloidal Silver supports the body’s immune system and natural defences, for natural healing.

What is Ionic Colloidal Silver?

It is Colloidal Silver with a positive electrical charge. This is vital if you wish to make the best quality silver as the positive charge is helpful in supporting the body’s natural immune response.

How is Skybright Ionic Colloidal Silver made?

Our Ionic Colloidal Silver is made by pumping water through a filter bank containing carbon, reverse osmosis, micro and mixed-bed resin filters to produce laboratory grade water. From there, it enters the colloidal silver generator, which is the very latest computer-controlled generator, producing the finest quality Ionic Colloidal Sliver available. It then passes through an additional filter, to the bottling plant.

What size are the silver particles?

Our silver particles are measured in “nanometres” (nm), more specifically they are in the range of 1-5nm. The particle size is very important – the smaller the particles, the higher quality Ionic Colloidal Silver.

How concentrated is Skybright Ionic Colloidal Silver?

Our Ionic Colloidal Silver is manufactured to 6-9ppm (parts per million).  If you are manufacturing very high quality ionic silver there is no need for a greater strength. Independent laboratory tests have proven that our silver is very effective at this strength in providing support for the body’s immune system.

How do I use Skybright Ionic Colloidal Silver?

Use strictly as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.

Do not store in direct sunlight, near a magnetic field or in a refrigerator.

DROPS: For eyes or ears: 1 drop three times a day.

LIQUID: Take 5ml three times a day, for five days, then 5ml once a day or as recommended by a Healthcare Professional. Children under 10 years of age take half measure. If symptoms persist see a Healthcare Professional.

You should always take Ionic Colloidal Silver using a plastic spoon as a metal spoon will affect the positive charge on the silver ions.

SPRAY: For topical use, spray onto the area and keep damp for fifteen minutes. This may require several sprays. Allow skin to dry and then apply Skybright Colloidal Silver Cream. For internal use: 10 sprays into the mouth 1-3 times a day.

CREAM: Apply to skin for conditions like dry or chaffed skin or where there is a need to assist the body’s natural healing ability. May be used on broken skin. May also be used as a skin conditioner and moisturiser.

Disclaimer Statement

The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not meant as a medical prescription for any disease or illness. Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem. Use products as directed. If symptoms persist, please see your health care professional.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Colloidal means “a substance consisting of sub-microscopic particles of one substance dispersed in another”. So, basically, Colloidal Silver is very tiny particles of silver suspended in water.
The cleansing qualities of traces of silver ions have been known for centuries.

  • The Romans used silver jars to store liquids, contamination free.
  • American settlers traveling west used silver coins in their milk pots, to delay spoilage.
  • In the 1900’s silver foil was used extensively in wound dressings.
  • The space shuttle uses silver, to disinfect its water supply.
  • A company in Japan manufactures socks with silver threads in the toes, to help prevent infection, and an American company has made a new fabric impregnated with silver particles, to help people with skin conditions.
  • Silver is also now used in appliances e.g. air conditioners in the Middle East use silver, to prevent the growth of air-borne bacteria; water treatment units using silver are available to sterilise water; a washing machine has been invented that injects silver ions into the tub, to sanitise the clothes; and even mobile phones are now available with a silver case, to help prevent bacteria.

Effectiveness: The highest quality colloidal silver will contain the greatest number of small particles from the smallest total amount or weight of silver.
Particle size and number determines the quality and effectiveness of Colloidal Silver not the parts per million (ppm).
For example, a solution with a concentration of 6ppm with an average particle size of 1 nanometre will have more silver particles than another solution of 10ppm with an average particle size of 5 nanometre and therefore will be more effective.
Skybrights Premium Ionic Colloidal Silver is manufactured using a computer controlled electro-colloidal generator and triple-filtered water to produce very fine, 99.99% pure silver particles, 1-5 nanometre in size and at 6-9ppm. It is at the optimum strength necessary to support the bodies immune system and natural healing ability therefore there is no reason or need to manufacture it to a higher ppm.

“Ionic” means it has a positive charge. When body cells become infected with a bacteria they become negatively charged so positive Ionic Colloidal Silver is then attracted to these negative cells and goes right to the source of the infection.
Silver has antibacterial properties that work by disabling the specific enzyme that many forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi utilise for their own oxygen metabolism.
Skybright Premium Ionic Colloidal Silver is non toxic and suitable for all the family, including children and pregnant women. It can be used internally or topically and has no known adverse side effects, if taken as prescribed.
It is best taken by itself and held in the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. The mouth contains many blood vessels close to the surface (especially under the tongue) and this helps fast absorption of the tiny silver particles.
Dosage: 5ml three times a day for the first 5 days, then 5ml once a day for maintenance. For children under 8 use a half dose.
Skybright Premium Ionic Colloidal Silver can be used topically to aid the healing of the skin. The best method is to spray on the skin and keep damp for 15 minutes, let the skin dry and then apply a Skybright Colloidal Silver or Herbal Cream. Repeat twice daily.


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