Why Choose a Liquid Supplement?

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Liquid supplements are a great way to support a healthy diet. Once upon a time pills were the only way to take a nutritional supplement but advanced technology can now offer us all their advantages in a liquid form.

When considering a nutritional supplement people often don’t think about liquids. There are a large variety of liquid supplements available – everything from single vitamins to a multi. And there are advantages of liquids over a tablet or a capsule. Choose a formula that has vitamins, antioxidants, plant enzymes, herbal extracts and whole food extracts in one simple-to-take dose, which is far more palatable than a handful of hard pills.

In many cases liquid supplements are recommended for older people who may have trouble absorbing nutrients. However, the benefits of a liquid are great for younger adults and children too!

Generally, high quality liquid supplements are absorbed very quickly in to the bloodstream. They are simpler for the body to digest, making the nutrients more bioavailable. This means the body will receive the benefits right away.

Many children, and some adults, have trouble swallowing pills, making liquids a great alternative. A measured amount gives exactly the right balance of each nutrient. Liquids can even be added to juice, water or to a smoothie to make a wholesome breakfast or lunch-on-the-run that is packed with good nutrition.

Unfortunately, many supplements that are in pill form contain a variety of preservatives and fillers that are designed to give them a longer shelf life.  Vitamins taken as pills are usually synthetic whereas liquid vitamin supplements are commonly derived from plants, making them much closer to the natural diet. However, one important thing to note about liquid supplements that make them different from a tablet form is the fact that they often have a flavour.  In fact, sugar and other types of sweeteners can be added.  So if you are trying to avoid sugar, make sure that you are not accidentally getting too much in the form of your liquid supplement.  Be sure to carefully read the ingredient list before you make a decision.

Skybright’s Liquid Supplement Range contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to meet your daily needs. Skybright’s Liquid Supplements are a source of renewed energy and stamina, naturally.